"I was unsure about what this was or what it represented, until I became vice chair of the Lewisham CHSWG." (Felicia Samuel)

CHSWG (pronounced chizzywig) stands for Children's Hearing Services Working Group.

It is a working group that involves representatives from all the services involved with supporting deaf (hearing impaired) children and their families. These include parents, audiologists, speech and language therapists, community paediatricians, teachers of the deaf, ENT, NDCS, SEN, social services, representatives from schools and many more.

For me, as a parent I felt it was of upmost importance to get involved in having a say regarding the services our children are receiving. It is an opportunity for services to highlight any problems or potential developments and an essential way for us all to stay in touch and sometimes make changes to the services that we feel would benefit the children and their families.

This is a way for YOU, the parents of deaf/hearing impaired children, to express any concerns or issues you may have and to also stay up to date with what is happening with the services that are provided for our children.

If you would like any further information, have any concerns about the services your child/ren receive or are interested in coming along to a meeting to gain a fuller understanding of what it is about, please contact us.