If you have any great fundraising ideas please contact us as we are always looking for new ways to raise money. 

If you would like to raise funds for NDCS/LDCS but are unsure what to do - check out this website for some fantastic ideas: http://www.ideasfundraising.co.uk/ 

We can provide you with sponsor sheets and also publicise your fundraising activity on our website to help raise funds.

Donation information for Lewisham Deaf Children's Society 

L.D.C.S is affiliated with the NDCS (National Deaf Children's Society). We are a non-profit group therefore all of the parents and volunteers involved with the LDCS do not receive any form of payment. Half of the generous donations received will go towards some of the costs mentioned above, whilst the other half will be given to other charities (including the NDCS) to continue to help break down barriers for deaf children.

For further information please contact us