LDCS is on the move!!!

Welcome to our new venue in the centre of Lewisham. We would like to say a massive thank you to LOPS for allowing us to use their premises to run our group. We're sure the families will love it so why don't you come down and meet the LDCS family!! Here's a link to the LOPS website so you can see what other fantastic things they offer: www.lewishamopportunitypreschool.com

NEXT CHSWG MEETING 25/02/15 from 09:30 (please contact us for more details)

Come along and find out what's happening with the services that support our children. We welcome all parents to get involved as we need more parent representatives.



10th Anniversary of the Official Recognition on British Sign Language

BSL was officially recognised by the Government as being a full, independent language on 18 March 2003. On the 10 year anniversary of BSL recognition, discussion on future of BSL planned by BDA and DCAL



Change of day for LDCS

As of 16th February LDCS will now be running once per month on a Saturday (for up and coming dates please check our calendar). We will still be doing lots of fun things as well as events so please do come along, meet the team and some new friends in and environment where communication is not a barrier.


World record for signing and singing broken!!

GUINNESS World Records™ has confirmed that the world record for the most people signing and singing a song simultaneously has been broken.

Click on the link to read more:  http://limpingchicken.com/2012/08/23/deaf-news-world-record-for-signing-and-singing-broken-by-114000-children/ 


RAD Summer events 2012

RAD have some fantastic evenst for this summer check out our calendar for further details :)


Pre-School Learning Alliance (Volunteer of the Year Awards)

We've been really quiet lately but are back with some exciting news!!! We actually won the Pre School Learning Alliance Volunteer of the year award for: Outstanding Pre-School Commitee Volunteer!!!This is amazing recognition for all of the hard work and dedication Local DCS groups provide.


Deaf Awareness Week 07/05/12 - 13/05/12

It’s Deaf Awareness Week from 7-13 May and there is so much going on at NDCS for you to get involved in.

Do you like cakes?  Then get involved in our Big Cake Bake!

Cupcakes 340x200 (credit: NDCS)

We’d like your help to raise some serious dough for NDCS this Deaf Awareness Week.  Our target is £10,000 and you can help by holding your very own Big Cake Bake at home, at your local club or at work. We have all the help you’ll need to get started including recipes, posters and donation forms.  Get your pinny on and get baking!

Find out more >>


Look , Smile and Chat is the NDCS' new campaign to improve understanding of deafness among teenagers and help deaf and hearing teenagers to communicate with each other. Most deaf teenagers go to mainstream school and some of their classmates don't know how to chat to them. Simple steps can make a big difference - watch some of the NDCS' films and download free resources here:



We were invited to hold a stall at an event, 'Raising Awareness for Parents and Carers in Lewisham' on the above date. It was a fantastic day and the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about our group, as well as show off our new t-shirts designed by the fabulous Ben Dunkley.


Welcome to the brand new LDCS website. A lot has changed since you visited last and this is all down to the wonderful and extremely talented Ben Dunkley, who kindly donated his time to create a new look logo and website. Thanks to Ben we have a brand new and instantly recognisable banner, logo and website.

Ben Dunkley also tweaked and changed our website layout and style to give it a cleaner, fresher look. We can't thank Ben enough for all of his hard work, complete dedication and kindness extended to LDCS.



Yipeeee!!!!! As you can see, we have a brand new look to go with our fantastic new header created by the amazing Victor Taylor. 

Victor was also kind enough to donate the logo below to the LDCS!! 

"He is great at what he does and a pleasure to communicate with. He understood exactly what we needed without us having to give too much information, which demonstrates how amazing he is!!! When we asked for changes he happily obliged and in record time, produced the fantastic banner above and logo below." (Felicia Samuel and Robin Bulale)

A massive thanks and virtual hug Victor, from everybody at LDCS. 

To contact Victor if you would like a website header or banner please visit http://www.victortaylor.net/fivesquids/headers/ also check some of his amazing work!!!


Website LIVE!!! Any feedback in the contact us page welcomed.  


Woohooo!!! Got our cards printed and delivered, they look FANTASTIC!!!!


Nine out of ten deaf children are born to hearing families who have little to no experience of deafness. Communicating with your child is a basic right, but many families are not getting the support they need to learn British Sign Language. Sign language courses vary throughout the UK in regards to availability and price. It is unacceptable that parents of deaf children that wish to learn sign language are not getting the help they need to communicate with their child. 

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) sign up Campaign - please enjoy the video below AND sign the petition!!! It only takes a few seconds literally!!!! Closing date 18/08/12.

Thank you for your support.



We finally managed to launch a Facebook page for our group. This is a very useful page as it details various things from BSL tutoring, events to information on deafness. Also helps to connects parents and share experiences and ideas that others may find helpful. Click on the link below - help support and 'like' the page - thank you.

LDCS - Facebook

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